Who's a Good Dog?


Rambo has come such a long way in the short time we've been working together!

Rambo's initial concerns were mainly pulling on his leash and excitability with strangers/other dogs. Through practice at home and several Solo Stroll classes with Delilah and I, this sweet boy is maturing into a well-mannered pup! There's always more progress to be made, but we're able to move from leash manners to distraction proofing in busy outdoor spaces that would previously have made him turn tail!


Izzy is such a sweet and patient pup! She has been naturally alerting her human to changes in blood sugar levels, so we've been working to shape that into a more focused alert, as well as add other service dog tasks to her repertoire. She's such a quick learner and a huge help to her human! I couldn't be more proud of both her and her human. It's truly an honor to see them both grow as a service dog team!


Chaser is a bundle of energy and a fun-loving pup who has a couple fearful tendencies. Given that he was a rescue, we can't say for sure where his fear stems from but whatever he's feeling is scary to him. We are working on meeting him where he's at and building his confidence before trying to tackle these fears head-on. I can already tell he's going to be a frisbee champion some day, just like his older brother!

UPDATE: Chaser has qualified for Dogathon Worlds! Congrats!


This sweet girl is such a cuddle-bug! Everett is learning to build confidence and manners with other dogs during our pack walk classes. Every time she comes to a pack walk, her confidence improves leaps and bounds from when I first met her. Her leash manners also visually improve during each half-hour class. It is so awesome to watch this little girl grow!


Despite being a very anxious pup, Bruno is such a little trooper and is working so hard on his leash manners and reactivity. While it seems there are many things he's scared of, we are still working through his leash manners from the comfort and safety of his home. I am excited to see the progress he and his humans will make!


Josie is a crazy cute pup who is still learning how to interact with the world. We had a lovely solo stroll class working on leash manners and how to not tear her person's arm off. The progress this sweet girl made in just one short class was absolutely stunning! Pack walks are going to be such a benefit to this little girl and I can't wait to see what a few more sessions will do!


Amelia is such a smart pup! She was a rescue who came with a lot of cool tricks but limited manners. For instance, she knew how to open doors really well but used this for mischief and escaping. She also didn't really know how to play with toys or walk nicely on a leash.

With the amazing diligence from her person, she has made great strides through virtual training. She's playing with toys, walking politely, sitting at every doorway, and really learning how to be a kind and courteous young lady. I'm super excited to see what else this pup can do as we continue her training!

Delilah, CGC TKA

I started working with Delilah when we adopted her in January 2018. She was incredibly shy, scared of a lot of things, a counter-surfer, trash-digger, and all around unsocialized.

Though a lot of hard work, she has become a hard working, task-trained service dog and earned several AKC titles, including Virtual Home Manners, Canine Good Citizen, and Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Trick Dog titles.

We are always learning more skills every day! Currently, we are actively working towards earning her Community Canine and her Urban Canine Good Citizen titles.

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