DIY Training Outline

Length of Class

No class, Just a PDF!

Cost of Class


Basic Overview of Class

After a short discussion via email, I'll make a customized training plan for any one trick or skill of your choice.

Full Description of Class

Do you have a skill you want to teach your dog (or cat!) but don't know how to go about it?
Do you feel like it's something you don't need to sign up for several classes for but really want guidance from a trainer?
I'll ask a few questions about your pup, what your end goal for this skill is, what methods you've tried towards teaching this skill, what resources you have, and what motivates your dog, then I'll put together an outline for you. This PDF will explain how you should set up your environment, how to train the skill you would like, and troubleshooting for issues you might run into. 

Want to sign up for this course?  Send me an email and we'll get you enrolled!