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When you email me, there's some information I'd like to help us get you signed up as quickly as possible:
- Your name and pronouns
- Your dog's name, age, and breed(s) for each dog in your pack
- Your goals with your dog(s)
- Your location  (City and State or Zipcode works fine!)
- The best email to contact you at and  the email for any other's you'd like included in training
- The name and pronouns for anyone you'd like included in training
- Anything else you'd like me to know!

Would you prefer something other than email? Read on!

While there are some aspects of doing business online that require an email (like Google Meets and PayPal), I understand that email isn't always the most efficient form of contact for everyone. I am available to chat through my Facebook page or my Instagram account if either of those are easier for you.

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