Pack Walks

Length of Class

30 Minutes

Cost of Class


Basic Overview of Class

Group walk to focus on leash manners and socializing.

Full Description of Class

Need to work on your leash manners or socialize with other dogs/people? This is the class for you! There will be a max of six dogs per walk so that everyone gets the attention they need and we'll walk at the pace best suited to the the group. To ensure we have the right location for the dogs in attendance, email me with your information and availability to sign up for this class!

Classes are typically offered Wednesday nights at 6pm. Due to location scheduling issues, these walks have temporarily been put on hold. If you have locations you'd like to suggest, I'm all ears!

Please note that for this class to be held, at least three dogs need to be registered for the timeslot. With gas prices the way they are, it was a tough but necessary call to set a minimum class size. The final call for classes based on class size will be made no later than 48 hours before. Weather-related decisions (typically forecasted storms, ice, or unsafe/uncomfortable temperatures) will be made the morning of for Wednesday classes or the night before for Saturday classes. Such announcements will be posted on my Facebook and Instagram stories, as well as a banner here. Cancellations due to insufficient class size or weather will be rescheduled or refunded with no fees. 

This course (and all my group classes) will be using yellow ribbons/bandanas to give a visual cue for the dogs who need a little extra space. Please be mindful of them and do not let your dog approach another dog or human without explicit permission. To learn more about the yellow ribbons, check out the section in my FAQs page.

Want to sign up for this course?  Email me to be added to the list!