Intake and Consultations

All clients start with an intake consultation where we can set aside 15 minutes (either via phone or video call) to cover information of what you're wanting to train, what you've done so far, and make sure that we're a good fit for each other! This is a one-time thing and is only $10!

Virtual Sessions

With the current pandemic, we all must take precautions to keep everyone safe. As such, I am currently offering the following as virtual sessions through Google Meets. Click on their titles to learn more about each of them!

Coaching Session

30 minutes


Check-In Session

10 minutes


Dog Observation

45 minutes


In-Person Sessions

Looking for something in-person but don't feel ready for a group class yet? Check out the offerings below! As with the virtual sessions, click on their titles for deeper explanation.

Delilah sitting alone in front of a lake staring into the camera.

Solo Strolls

30 minutes


Delilah lying on white tile floor with kibble spelling "Leave it!"

General Obedience

60 minutes


Three blue and yellow AKC Rosettes for CGC, TKN, and TKI titles.

Trick/Task Training

60 minutes


Group Sessions

Group classes are starting back up again! I am hoping to offer two group classes: one focused on walking nicely around other dogs and one focused on finding calm in the chaos of the real world. Click on the titles for more information about each!

Pack Walks

30 minutes


Coffee & Canines

45 minutes


Email-Only Sessions

Are you a super busy human but needing to entertain a super smart dog? Do you have a skill you want to teach but need an idea of how to break it down? I've got some options that don't require matching up your busy schedule with mine! Check out below!

Already know what course you'd like to take?  Send me an email and we'll get you signed up!

Need to reschedule something?

I have a rescheduling fee for anything needing rescheduled within 72 hours of your appointment slot. For a virtual session, I have a $5 fee. For an in-person class, I have a $10 fee. These will be applied to the invoice for the next session you schedule unless there are extenuating or emergent circumstances.

Have a discount code?

When I host or attend events, I have been known to hand out treats for dogs and humans alike. All you need to do is mention your code in your email and I am happy to get that sorted out for you. Please know that my discount codes are good for 30 days from the event they were handed out for, so be sure to get that email sent! As to not stress your schedule (or mine), so long as you mention the code within that 30 day window, we are good to go!
Happy training!