Coaching Sessions

Length of Class

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

Cost of Class



Basic Overview of Class

Humans-only chat via video call,
phone call, or in person!

Full Description of Class

This is for when we want to talk with just the humans involved in training the animal. It's great to start here so that we can discuss what training you've already had, what goals you're wanting to work towards, and what problem areas you see. I recommend this as the first class you enroll in, but also recommend it whenever you invite someone new involved with training the dog. By having a chat with the new person and myself as your coach, it can be easier for everyone to quickly get on the same page with the rules and training regimen you have in place and allows for any questions you may have.

You'll notice that there are two classes at two different price points. My half-hour sessions are $40 and my hour-long sessions are $90. The reason that double the time is a little more than double the cost is because I put a lot of detail into my recap emails. With more time to discuss your pup's training plan, more information needs to be covered in the email.

Want to sign up for this course? Send me an email and we'll get you enrolled!